Sonic Quote of the Month: April 2011

You people are cumming too much.”

Sonic fans have formed their second ocean today. The first one was made of tears after Next-Gen.”

–Major Ziggy (former) and Dusk Golem, (latter) from SSMB

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Hi guys!

Guess what?
I’m your new overlord the new owner of Really Stupid Questions!
You’ll still receive answers from Sonic and Raxz, but I have ultimately taken charge of the blog.

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Sonic, how do you feel about the recent news that Tails possesses a lack of Y chromosomes?

(Asked by Raxz)

Sonikku Mi Gussuta

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Sonic Quote of the Month: March 2011

It’s hard to decide any one line so I’ll just put this:

Every single word that has ever come out of and ever will come out of Marine the Racoon’s mouth.

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Quote of the Month: March 2011

“Forget Bieber Fever, I have the Black Plague.”

-Unnamed person for I do not know whether they want their name featured on this page, but nevertheless this quote is LOL.

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Please graph the answer to the following math problem for x equaling 1, 2, 3, and 4. y = ((7(4²+9³x))/20)x + ((4*10³)-8*10²).

(Asked by FRiNKEL (Aka Skippy Electrochomp (Aka Ricky)))


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Site majorly expanded.

Apparently Chrome thinks “majorly” isn’t a word.  I don’t know if it’s right or not, but anyways:

I decided to expand the site (Should’ve done it sooner…) because I realized that Stupid Sonic Questions by itself was just too oddly specific.  So, now the site applies to really dumb questions in general.  The old Sonic categories are now sub-categories of the new ones.

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Any Mobian gossip lately?

(Asked by Raxz)

Why yes.  Lots.

For starters, and you may have already noticed this, I don’t really act the same fo realz as I do in-game.  Fuck staying in character.  Besides, I have new writers and I’m not referring to the new ones they hired to do Sonic Colors.  I’m talking about whoever’s writing this post for me.  LOL I broke the fourth wall, go me.

Oh, the gossip.  Yes.

  1. Marine is secretly bisexual.   Don’t ask how I know thi- OKAY I WALKED IN ON HER SCHLICKING TO NAKED PICS OF BLAZE. AND THEN OF TAILS SHUT UP!!!
  2. Amy attached a dildo to a life-sized plushie of me.  I don’t even want to know what goes on in her closet.
  3. Tails keeps Cosmo’s brain on ice so when he finally figures out how to transfer someone’s mind to a robot he can bring her back to life.  It’s kinda creepy…
  4. Eggman’s fat is actually 28 layers of kevlar.  Now we know how he survives fucking EVERYTHING…
  5. Robotnik, Eggman, and Julian Robotnik are all the same person!  Wow, I would never have guessed! You see, Eggman’s full name is Dr. Ibo Jurrian “Egguman” Robotonikku-sama.
  6. This question and this answer are both ridiculously stupid and the fact that they exist is stupid.  But look at the title of this blog…
  7. I am pulling this list out of my ass.
  8. Similar to how you humans have furries, we have hummies.  I recently found out that Knuckles’ husona is an African American.  Why am I not surprised.
  9. The truth of what happened to Cream’s father is… you know what, if I include that in this post it’s going to turn into a novel.
  10. Big is fat.
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Sonic Quote of the Month: February 2011

“So, there is a relationship.”

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush


(The running joke here is, that line taken out of context makes Sonic sound all gossipy.  I encourage you to bring this up at all times possible.  :P)

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Why are half the characters’ mouths on the side of their face?

I inquired this to myself earlier and did some research.  Here’s what I found out…

On Mobius, it’s tradition to smack your baby on the face with a shovel at birth.  Half the time the surgeons don’t do such a good job on moving the jaw back into place, or there’s just no surgery at all.

While this is rather barbaric it HAS and is supporting evolution.  The Mobian skull gets stronger with each generation, hence why you could drop an oil tanker on Sonic’s head and he wouldn’t even feel it.  And anyways, it filters out the weaklings from the gene pool in general.  The ones that survive are the strongest.

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