What the hell is Sonic doing in that picture? Did he consent to having a screwdriver shoved up his ass?

(Asked by Skippy Electrochomp)

That’s a very good question.

It’s a well-known fact that Sonic characters are extremely prone to rape.  Chuck is one of millions who just couldn’t help himself.  He slipped Sonic some laughing gas and took pictures to make it look as if they somehow both enjoyed it.

Why wasn’t Chuck Thorndyke arrested for sex offense?  Because he’s the character of an anime.  That makes him immune to any kind of law enforcement, unless the story calls upon it.

Please note: Think twice before considering becoming an anime character, generally due to evil writers you’ll be tortured or depressed or put an extremely embarrassing situation in some way at some point, and also you’ll be stuck in a two-dimensional digital universe being replayed over and over again.  Not to mention you’ll have many fans constantly creepily fantasizing about you.  For all eternity.


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