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Site-related news.

Hi guys!

Guess what? I’m your new overlord the new owner of Really Stupid Questions! You’ll still receive answers from Sonic and Raxz, but I have ultimately taken charge of the blog.

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Site majorly expanded.

Apparently Chrome thinks “majorly” isn’t a word.  I don’t know if it’s right or not, but anyways: I decided to expand the site (Should’ve done it sooner…) because I realized that Stupid Sonic Questions by itself was just too oddly … Continue reading

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Finally, I don’t have to deal with that mother fuckin’ cunt bitchin’ god damn fourth retarded ESRB censorship bullshit! … *Runs*

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Have your questions answered by the Blue Blur himself!

In case you haven’t noticed, Sonic the Hedgehog has joined our empire legion cult mafia mob gang team of administrators here at I swear to Batman, it’s not a phony account!

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Site banner touched-up.

I have fixed the random coloring errors on the edges of the insides of the letters.  Although, this has left them looking a little…. eaten, like the letter O devoured the cookie monster and now he’s taking his revenge.

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