Sonic Questions

Comment on this page with your Sonic-related questions.  If they’re stupid or weird enough, or maybe brilliant in their own way, they just might be answered.

10 Responses to Sonic Questions

  1. Raxz says:

    What does Tails do when Sonic’s not around? (moved here from original Stupid Sonic Questions article)

  2. What the hell is Sonic doing in that picture? Did he consent to having a screwdriver shoved up his ass?

  3. Raxz says:

    How many hedges would a hedgehog hog if a hedgehog could hog hedges?

  4. Sonic the Hedgehog says:

    How can I stop Amy from being so pissy all the time?

  5. Raxz says:

    Why does Rouge shave her boobs?

  6. Raxz says:

    How is it that Shadow is more tan than Sonic when he spent most of his life frozen in a capsule with no sunlight?

  7. Raxz says:

    Why do Sonic Characters, never, ever take their shoes and gloves off, except during intercourse?

  8. Raxz says:

    Any Mobian gossip lately?

  9. Raxz says:

    Sonic, how do you feel about the recent news that Tails possesses a lack of Y chromosomes?

  10. Rosie says:

    What would Sonic the Hedgehogs and Amy Rose’s Child look like?

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