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Have you ever caught Tails looking for/at young female foxes?

(Asked by Skippy Electrochomp) Tsch… I’d be lying if I said I haven’t noticed his tastes are a bit inter-racial.  I’ve caught him looking at plant porn, staring at Cream in a weird way, and “accidentally” humping both human and Mobian … Continue reading

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Sonic the Hedgehog was descended from angels.

Haven’t you noticed how Sonic is pretty much undefeatable? You have a 0% chance of beating him, even if you’re freakin’ Chuck Norris. This brings me to a conclusion — Sonic must have a guardian angel… No, he IS a … Continue reading

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What the hell is Sonic doing in that picture? Did he consent to having a screwdriver shoved up his ass?

(Asked by Skippy Electrochomp) That’s a very good question. It’s a well-known fact that Sonic characters are extremely prone to rape.  Chuck is one of millions who just couldn’t help himself.  He slipped Sonic some laughing gas and took pictures … Continue reading

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What does Tails do when Sonic’s not around?

(Asked by Raxz) Tails does many things when Sonic’s not there to watch him. When Cosmo is around, he rapes Cosmo. Another thing he does? Tails does have a bit of a habit of being a cross-dresser. Evidence here. And … Continue reading

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